Day 43 – Pattaya to Ban Chang

Back to our standard cycling today. My right foot held up well and as you can see below we put it to the test early on trying a less ridden track.

After a pit stop at a 7-Eleven we met a fellow cyclist, Ronan, who was also getting some supplies. After chatting about what route to cycle he offered guide us through the back roads. It made a big difference having someone with local knowledge. GoogleMaps tries to go the most direct route and doesn’t know the condition of the road, so he saved us some dodgy roads, but still had a very scenic route. Thanks Ronan.

Check out my ride on Strava:

3 thoughts on “Day 43 – Pattaya to Ban Chang”

    1. Ronan was on a day trip from Pattaya. He had ridden 150kms the day before so he was taking it easy, which was lucky for us.

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