The oldest profession in the world. 

We found accommodation in a town called Ban Chang.  It is only a cross road on Google maps but when we cycled into town we realised that it is a small city.  We saw a sign for a hotel called the Grand. We decided to head towards it. The boys decided to race us on foot because it was only 500m down what we thought was a quiet road. As the boys rounded a corner on the foot path they ran straight into a squeal of ‘working girls’. The girls were all dressed up ready for a night of work. The street we were on was the equivalent of Hay street in Kalgoolie.  Both of the boys stopped in their tracks in shock.  This gave the girls time to close in. Patrick got a squeeze on the bum and Robert got a kiss on the cheek.  The girls were hooting with laughter and the boys were horrified.  The boys pushed their way through the girls and made it out alive. Later we had to explain to Patrick what the oldest profession in the world is.

This morning was like every other morning.  We woke up expecting to have a great day. We live in hope. When we went to load the panniers on the bikes we realised that my rack had broken away from my bike frame. This is a problem because the rack wobbles and it puts a lot of load on the other attachment sites. 

When we looked closer we discovered that the bolt had sheared off at the frame. Big problem.  The owner of the hotel offered to help and to cut a long story short, he ended up getting two of his mates to come to the hotel with a welder and an electric drill. Kingsley and Phil would be horrified at what they did to get the bolt out of the frame but after about an hour they had it repaired.  That bolt hole will never be the same again but I don’t care.  It’s fixed. 

We hit the road mid morning and made it to a beach side hotel by mid afternoon.  The closer we get to Cambodia the hotter it is getting.  We are hoping for an early start tomorrow morning to avoid the midday heat, but who knows what tomorrow has in store for us. 

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