Day 46 – Pak Nam Prasae to Bang Kachai

Another extremely scenic day riding around the coast. Most of the time you can’t actually see the ocean, but route took us through some interesting areas. It got me thinking that we could run our own guided cycle tour adventures during the summer holidays with all the experience we have gained.

At one point we road up a hill and there was a quarry on both sides of the road. The quarry had filled up with water and the boys were fascinated and went off to explore.

The most exciting part of the day happened just after the quarry. As we continued up the hill I notice my seat move a little, so I thought maybe it was not done up tight enough and I would check it at the next break point. A couple of minutes later I noticed that the seat moved even further forward and before I knew what was happening it had disappeared. I quickly stopped the bike and found Patrick still holding on to his handle bars and my seat, but it was no longer attached to the tandem.

Instead of a bolt shearing off like a couple of days ago, this time my seat post completely sheared off. Lucky we weren’t riding fast down a hill when it happened and Paddy did a great job keeping a hold of it. The boys thought this may put a stop to the days riding, but Julie and I were confident we would be back on the road in no time. And so it was, within five minutes we were back on the road again.

The Bike Fridays are so flexible and adjustable that we raised the frame (telescopic frame) and put the seat post that was protruding out of the frame into the extended frame. With all the travel we have done it is probably safer to have a shorter seat post and raise the frame. In hindsight, it probably should have been the way we set up the bike in the first place. Now looking at Robert’s see post we will make the same adjustment.


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