Two nice days with one hiccup. 

We have had some really pleasant cycling over the last two days. Beachside roads with a slight sea breeze.  Just about perfect.  Coffee shops in the middle of nowhere. Scenic bridges. Deserted quarries.  Single lane tracks through prawn farms.

The only hiccup was Allister’s seat post fracturing while he was cycling.  Luckily he felt it going and didn’t hurt himself.  It could have been nasty. 

It was an easy fix as the frame has a telescopic extention and there was enough seat post left to use again. I will be letting bike friday know about it though.  Allister is not a big guy, I am assuming that the seat post had a fault line.  The boys and I were horrified imaging what sort of damage he would have done it himself if it fractured while he was going fast downhill.

3 thoughts on “Two nice days with one hiccup. ”

  1. Love the views and width of the cycle way. Tour would be great. I’m into training! Did yoga with Petra today with teacher from floating ????.

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