The thunder chunder.

Patrick has developed an amazing gag reflex. When he smell something bad he gags. If the smell continues he vomits. 

In the past the bad smells have been rotting rubber or garbage trucks but yesterday we cycled past a prawn farm that was being emptied.  The smell was like rotting seaweed with a hint of fishy sewerage.  

The smell was thick and lasted for about 50 meters.  Patrick ended up doing a thunder chunder.  We stopped once we were past the smell and I had to use a whole bottle of water to wash off the rear pannier. 

We all laughed about it for about an hour. 

4 thoughts on “The thunder chunder.”

    1. You can see his ribs because he has been pushing Allister across Asia for two months. He also only eats rice, veggies and fruit. Occasionally french fries if we find a fancy restaurant.

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