Beyblades 4

When we were in Trat, we went out to dinner at the night market, which is famous for it’s great food. Of course, Patty and I were looking out for any toy stores. We found one with Beyblades. When we asked how much it is to buy one of them, the store owner told us he was a wholesaler and that we had to buy the whole sheet of them. Patrick and I did not think we were going to get all six of them. As we were walking away, Mum pulled out money and bought them. We were very excited and surprised.

P.S. I Thank all my viewers for sending me a :-).

5 thoughts on “Beyblades 4”

  1. Wow amazing mum. You’ll have to reach me. Now I’m off to look at KMart to look or go on EBay!! Do you carry them in your backpack ??????

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