Ko Chang rest day

We arrived in Trat safely yesterday afternoon after a swim in an old quarry.  I was surprised at how nervous the boys were, to go swimming in a blue pool of fresh water. I think they have watched too many episodes of river monsters.

We decided to travel to an Island off the coast of Trat called Koh Chang. We were going to cycle to the ferry terminal and bring our bikes to the Island with the intention of cycling around the island. What stopped us was a quick look at the topography of the Island. Very very mountainous.  Instead we caught a tuk-tuk to the terminal and we are hiring a car tomorrow to do our own waterfall tour. There are 6 waterfalls on the island and Robert wants to swim at all of them. 

There is a pool at our accommodation and Allister become king of the kids. Three local girls joined the boys in the pool and they all had a great time. 

6 thoughts on “Ko Chang rest day”

  1. How’s the gang !!!
    Good call on kohl chang is quite hilly steep …but the other factors is you can’t do a loop of the island .
    But yeah lot been the adventourish type would probably overcome that hurdle .
    Slan ronan
    Enjoy Cambodia

    1. Enjoying our rest days before riding to Cambodia. The hills on Ko Chang are made for masochists, so glad we hired a car instead to explore the Island. Long Beach was the highlight.

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