We found paradise 

I was sad to leave Trat this morning but it felt good to be on the bike again.

We cycled south east along the coast towards the Cambodia border.  We met some other cyclists.  Two Germans on their way to Bangkok. They gave us some great tips about Cambodia.

We cycled on and after about 30 km saw a sign for a waterfall.  The boys were keen, so we stopped.  I am so glad we did.  It was the best waterfall so far.  Allister is going to upload some of the videos of the boys jumping into the water onto YouTube.  So check out his post too. I jumped in as well. It was really deep and it took longer to reach the surface than I expected.

We reluctantly left the waterfall and within 3km we bumped into another cyclist.  This guy was a hard core touring cyclists. By himself with no technology, just paper maps and a good sense of direction.

We headed off again and before we new it we had reached our 50km threshold to start looking for accommodation.  There was nothing. We starting to think we would have to cycle on to the next town, 26km further on but eventually we saw a sign for Mairood. Mairood is a small fishing village in the middle of nowhere.  Perfect. We discovered that there was one ‘Resort’ in Mairood. The word resort is used loosely in Thailand.  I imagine lush gardens, swimming pools and lovely rooms when I think resort.  That is usually not the case in Thailand.  Small room with a fan in a rundown building has been our experience. So when we saw there was a resort in Mairood we were expecting a bed with a bathroom.  Hot water if we were lucky.  Well, Mairood resort is paradise.  If you ever find yourself near the Cambodian coastal border you have to stay in Mairood.

Just bikes and boats. As I said, paradise.

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