We made it to Cambodia 

We left Mairood this morning. Some of the other guests at the resort got up early to see us off. It was really nice.  Such a lovely place. 

We cycled south east along the narrowest section of Thailand.  There were a few spots where we could get off the main road but not many. There were road works along the main road and it was undulating hills most of the way. 

We reached the Cambodia border around 11.30. It took a while for lunch and getting through immigation. When we reached immigation it was difficult to know who was an official staff member and who was just a adventitious rip off artist.  We were approach by two men who asked us for our passports. They took our passports and did our paper work for us.  They asked for our fee money. So we gave it too them. They showed us our passports with visas in them but kept our passports. They then asked us for a tip of 1000 baht for doing it all for us. I proceeded to reach across the table and take our passports back. There were not happy with this and tried to take them back. In the end we gave them 700 baht. Dodgy buggers. 

We crossed the border and discovered that Cambodia drive on the right side of the road. It really spun the boys out being on the other side of the road. 

This photo is us leaving Thailand. Check out the flat bitumen road.

This is us entering Cambodia.  Check out the rough concrete road. 

The boys are going to enjoy their suspension.  

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  1. Ohh i remember that border crossing… i had fogotten that they drive on the right and wondered why the cars were coming straight for me! Have fun in Cambodia xx

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