Day 50 – Mairood to Koh Kong

Goodbye to Thailand and hello to Cambodia. We have had an awesome time in Thailand and ended up spending a couple of weeks more than we planned because there is so much to see and do. The last place we stayed was so good we stayed an extra day. I think we are all going to miss Thailand, but expect we will have many more adventures in Cambodia. 

We kept as close to the coast as possible today. We stopped for an early morning tea at a beautiful beach about 10kms south of where we stayed.

As you get close to Thailand’s south eastern border it becomes very narrow. At its narrowest it is less than 1km wide. In the below photo the ridgeline is the border with Cambodia. It is a very scenic ride with ocean views on one side and mountains on the other. 

Waiting for our visas to be processed. The flag poles in the background mark the border.

Definitely feels like a different country. Especially because we are now riding on the right side of the road. 

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