Day 53 – Ream National Park to Veal Rinh

Another full-on day in Cambodia. Woke up to a beautiful sunrise from our rustic bungalow.

Again we didn’t want to backtrack and saw that there was a track leading further east to the highway. It was pretty tough going and very sandy, but we only had one false track that led into thick jungle. It was only 5kms to the bitumen road, but took us 2 hours.

It was the best riding and pushing of the day. Some amazing jungle and we went through a Khmer Village in the heart of the Ream National Park. The people were amazingly friendly and had a little store where we bought some drinks. The primary school aged kids were just getting ready to ride to school and all crowded around the boys and the bikes. The store owner spoke some English and helped translate all the questions and answers.

Butterflies mating.

Not sure if you can see the resemblance of the rock to a turtle. However, it is a symbol of the the first Cambodian dynasty according to the sign next to it in Ream National Park.

Stopped for lunch at a little restaurant in a district called Prey Nob. Had a great veggie fried rice and the ladies who cooked brought there whole family out and wanted the boys to hold their 9 month old boy.

After all the cross country riding we have been doing the bikes needed a good clean. The town of Veal Rinh had so many motorbike/car washing businesses, so we stopped by one and had the bikes back to new for $2 (for both bikes).

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  1. Always an adventure round the corner! Third night in Albany. Played golf, opening day then another film. Home tomorrow. Stayed with Barbara maher on Middleton rd with Nellie. She has little dog but they managed together. What is the money called in Cambodia?

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