Day 52 – Sihanoukville to Ream National Park

Back to a full days ride and water park fun in the middle of the day. The length of the ride in kilometres seems low, but it was a full on day and we didn’t arrive until 4:30pm to our accommodation (the thee hour stop at a water park may have had something to do with it). The roads in Cambodia are the roughest we have had yet (except for our jungle adventures). The first spot we had to get off the bikes was very scenic and short detour on the beach.

Rather than backtracking, which we hate to do, we took what we thought was a road directly to the highway. It turned out to be a goat track that crossed a couple of steams via fords. We ended up at the highway at a locked gate, but lucky the owner was there and unlocked it for us.

By the time we got to our accommodation in the Ream National Park I was exhausted. But after fifteen minutes of downtime the Julie and the boys were keen to get into the surf and body-surf. It has been rare to find a beach with surf(not storm induced), so the boys really enjoyed themselves. The accommodation was very rustic and had  no WiFi or TV, so we were all in bed early for a good nights sleep (that is why the blog is a day late).
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