Wow, Cambodia.

Cambodia is extraordinary.

We stayed a night at a small town just over the border and the next morning we jumped on a bus for a 300 km drive through a national park and remote country. We decided to not cycle this stretch of road after speaking to a german cyclist who had just travelled through this area. She said there were a few guest houses but they were 100km apart and there are no food stops in between.  The bus trip was fine except for a british tourist sitting behind me who talked none stop to the poor girl sitting next to her. I swear she hardly drew breath.

We arrived in Sihanoukville and cycled to our accommodation. I have decided to go for budget accommodation. It was a mistake. The room was fine but the smell in the bathroom was just awful. I wont describe it because I am sure you can all imagine what the stink was.

We headed off as quickly as we could the next morning but did not get far before the boys saw something that they could not go past.

After a 2 hour stop off at the beach we headed off. We only had a 39km day planned but the state of the roads was worse than we expected. That combined with head winds meant we did not arrive at our next stop until after 4pm.

We had heard of a waterfall in the Ream national park so we stopped at a hotel near where we thought the waterfall was. The hotel was amazing. Eco bungalows built along the cliff overlooking the beach. The price broke our budget but it was beautiful and our only option. It turns out the the waterfall was not accessible due to the local Khmer villagers being really scared of ghosts  that they believe live at the waterfall. The manager of the hotel said he wants to find the waterfall but does not want to go trekking through the bush because there are unexploded bombs from the Vietnam war in the forest. Fair enough.


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