Cambodian roads

Well, I was expecting bad roads but it is hard to imagine how bad they can be until you are riding them. 

Gravel as far as the eye can see, which isn’t very far because the dust is awful.  The dust gets in your eyes and in your mouth. It coats your lips, tongue and teeth. Your eyes are gritty and you start to blink frantically because there is a truck honking it’s horn behind you to warn you to get out of its way. The only problem is you have cows crossing the road in front of you and they are not in a hurry.  You have motos (motor bikes) every where.  They only seem to take the road rules as a suggestion not a rule. There are tractors pulling carts full of wood. Some of the motos also have cargo. One yesterday had at least 10 live ducks hanging from the bike. Adding to it all, people on the side of the road are calling out to you to wave to their children. It is crazy. I love it. 

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