What we do when we are resting.

Had a nice rest day in Kampot. Woke up early even though we were supposed to have a sleep in.  Hung around in hammocks and swam in the natural pool.

Had a jenga challenge and fuzball championship. 

Climbed a mountain and went caving.

Made new friends. 

And again, marveled at Cambodian roads.


4 thoughts on “What we do when we are resting.”

    1. Thanks, I don’t normally shave or trim while I am away. However, it is getting a bit wild. I might stop by a barber and get it shaved off. What do you think?

      1. Probably just a trim and tidy up. It’ll just grow back again. It probably depends on whether it’s making the heat more or less bearable. I would have thought hair would make you feel hotter?

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