Day 71 – Douliu City to Baihe

Another interesting day in Taiwan. We stayed the night in a Douliu City park that was made like a homage to Mount Olympus with statues doing different sporting activities which surrounded an oval. We picked the location because it was very protected from the stormy night. We were lucky the weather cleared at dawn after raining all night, so packing up in the morning was okay.

We happened to stop outside a bike store and were able to replace broken items. See Patrick’s post for more details. Although the bike store owner couldn’t speak any English he was very helpful.

While we riding through the streets of Chaiyi City we could hear fireworks going off. As we got closer to the explosions there was a procession of people and an inordinate amount of fireworks. It felt a little like a war zone.

The place we are staying tonight is out in the countryside, so it was nice to get back to the quiet of the rice paddy fields.

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3 thoughts on “Day 71 – Douliu City to Baihe”

  1. Hi,I’m Sherry ,a teacher in tsaotu. I am in Tainan,somewhere is very close to you. Do you mind to have a special night with my family? You can call me anytime today.

  2. Sounds a pleasant day and success in the bike shop. Taiwan seems to be working well except for lots of rain. Matt off around the bay for a short ride, sun shining, cool day. Cheers

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