Day 72 – Baihe to Tainan City

Stayed in our first Taiwanese B&B last night. It was located in a small village away from the coast. It was an amazing find and a leap of faith on our part. They listed on AirB&B, but had no reviews. They tried sending us their phone number, but AirB&B hides it to stop people bypassing their system. Anyhow, after getting their address and getting a phone number spread over multiple messages we preceded with the option of camping if it didn’t work out. 

It ended up being a perfect place with all the mod cons and scenic outlook. As we were setting out I noticed that the bolt on the rear had sheared off, just like Julie’s did in Thailand. With that past experience, Julie was able to work the bolt out with only a hammer and my Leatherman. In less than half hour delay we were back on the bikes.

We road a mix of roads today. Each district has its’ own bike path network. The bike network logo can been seen below, looks like a duck between two wheels.

We made excellent progress and made it to Tainan City just after lunch. The last 20kms was a very popular bicycle route and there were many people out enjoying the excellent conditions.

We visited the Hayashi Department Store, which is like the Harrods of Taiwan and is in many ways untouched since WWII. They have even preserved the bullet holes from an Allied air raid that happened in 1945.The photo below was taken from its rooftop. 

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