Day 36 – Tha Chana to Pak Nam Lang Suan

Best cycling day in awhile. No highways, roads mostly in good condition, almost no traffic, next to the coast and friendly locals.

For one of our morning tea stops the locals were very animated and talking amongst themselves interspersed with laughter. One of the men tried communicating with us by indicating he was eating. We indicated that we were fine, but he kept offering food and drink. He started offering a cigarette, which I turned down, but indicating to the bikes and coughing. So he then offered bananas, a watermelon (Patrick accepted it), yogurt drinks and a large water bottle. By the end we felt we needed to offer something back, so the boys handed out Mighty Beanz, which we have been giving out to children.

Found a great restaurant next to the beach for an early lunch.

For those people with sharp observational skills will notice the back panniers are larger than normal. They contain a watermelon and a loaf of bread picked up along the way.

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2 thoughts on “Day 36 – Tha Chana to Pak Nam Lang Suan”

    1. We haven’t stayed long enough in any one location or chased the media attention to be reported. Travelling well at the moment and everybody feeling well. I even ventured back to the BBQ pork at last nights markets, with no bad side effects;)

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